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The Art of Sales with Art Sobczak

Feb 27, 2020

In the movie "Boiler Room," about an unscrupulous stock brokerage firm and its managers and brokers, there are the typical stereotypes of salespeople.

Art points out two of the myths perpetuated in the film, and the one good piece of sales advice they suggest.

Feb 24, 2020

Our prospects and customers receive thousands of marketing messages every day, and ignore most of them. The ONLY chance we have of getting attention is by being relevant.

Today's guest, Bill Cates, is an expert at the messaging to use to help you grab attention by personalizing your messaging so that prospects feel it...

Feb 20, 2020

You can make claims and statements about how great you, your company, and your products/services are. But, they can be viewed with skepticism.

Or, you can use these techniques that people place credibility in, which is the key to helping them trust you, and ultimately buy from you.

You'll hear exactly what to say in...

Feb 17, 2020

Technology has provided amazing tools to us as salespeople. It also hinders people who hide behind it.

No tool can ever replace a human when it comes to the two-way communication that people need.


Feb 13, 2020

Everyone knows how to listen. Yet, most of us do it very poorly.

The highest performing sales professionals do it at an extreme level.  You'll hear how to do that in this episode.